what we're doing

We’re building the future of money management

At Sitch, we’re on a mission to change the way people manage their money. The way we all interact with our money is like a spectrum. Our priorities and needs change over time. The tools we use to manage our money should be malleable, to suit our priorities as they change. That’s why we built Sitch—a blank slate we can populate as we see fit. To fit our needs at the time.

how we're doing it

Build a productivity app for your money

With the growing list of creative ways we can earn, save, invest and spend our money, we’re constantly adding touch points between us and our money.  More touch points means more things to monitor and pay attention to. Sitch is the one place where you can monitor and control them all. Designed with productivity at its core, Sitch lets you choose the services you already use and control the data through widgets and shortcuts we design and build ourselves.


We pull your data from the services you link to your Sitch account and present it through our own UX—thats designed with productivity in mind.


We push your financial data to the services you link to your Sitch account automatically. Don’t open multiple apps to upload, save or set again.


2 brothers out to make financial productive achievable for everyone

Adel Abdullahi - Amir Abdullahi.


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